Marketing BeatFactor, Part 1

I am going to write down all the things I am trying to market BeatFactor,my just released application for the Apple appstore.

If someone is actually reading this, go to and check out the videos to get an idea about the app. Without trying to tout my own horn, I think this is the best and easiest to use metronome/sequencer app for the iPhone/iPad out there, bar none.

There are of course better apps, but not at the 1.99$ price point. Or, like Garageband, they are not available for the small screen.

So far, since release, I am selling, let’s say, not what I hoped for. But that was to be expected. Without advertisement, it’s amazing enough that I have already people in Uruguay or Japan buying this. Actually, I really am amazed.

There are 3 things you can do as an iOS app developer, and i guess if you try to make money on the other platforms (yes, i give you 2 sec pause to cough or laugh if you must) the same rules or options will apply.

There are 3 viable options:

  • Google AdWords
  • The general web press
    • sites that might fit your apps profile. In BeatFactors case, musician sites
    • general iOS review sites
  • Banner ads on targeted sites, again the same subdivision does apply.

Before I go on to outline, over the next weeks, what I did, how much I spend, and what the net benefit was, let’s go over the inevitable. The bottom feeders, the once that try to screw you as soon as you are out there in the open.

Open curtain, left: enter Ed Turner, and his chinese compatriots. As soon as my app hit the app store I got 2 emails.

One from Ed Turner, who claims to be a marketing professional, who really likes my app. He gives some boilerplate advise, and offers to help me promote the app. And if I act now, and use the special link in the mail i even save 100$.

The other from a chines company, asking for a bunch of promo codes to promote the app in china. At least they did not want money right away, but, if I want them to review it, then it will cost me. This is a common, recurring theme for iOS review sites, more on that later.

If you are just getting into the application development and distribution game, don’t fall for those guys. Someone who mails you an hour after your app is “live”, you know they did not look at the app. That’s a robot, reacting on the feed changes, nothing more. Money scam, pure and simple.

You can find more on this here, on

Next issue, picking the sites to approach, and what to send them.




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